It's an exciting time for developers. We can finally all be remote – and some meetings can be emails! #Covid-19

It is also a great time to be a technical writer for the technologies you love.

At Decoded, we are offering between $50 - $300 per written, published tutorial.

These tutorials will be hosted on this blog, and tagged based on technologies so that other developers can find them easily.

We are calling all interested technical writers to get in touch through this form.

Topics to cover

  1. How-to articles and guides (writing budget of $50)
  2. Step by step tutorials (writing budget of $300)

Getting Started

Once you have submitted your request to write for Decoded, you will receive an email from us, adding you to the content platform as an author or editor with more instructions for you to follow.

Our Process

We are keen on growing developers through educative content on various technologies that the developers use.

We will give more preference to content that walks readers through a real-world project including covering devops and code testing.

We will from time to time, partner with technology companies to increase their developer engagement online through content.

We look forward to working with you to create amazing developer content!

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