A Guide To Machine Learning Model Evaluation Metrics

Model evaluation is an important step when it comes to building machine learning projects. This step helps a practitioner gauge which machine learning model...

Fashion Recognition with TensorFlow.

1.      INTRODUCTION TO TENSORFLOW ARCHITECTURE TensorFlow library is an open source machine learning framework used to train and deploy ML models to perform...

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How To Build A Subscription App Using Django, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Stripe API.

What we are building We are going to build a subscription-based app where users have to create an account, pay...
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One Time Password (O.T.P.) Implementation Using Africa’s Talking Short Code API in Django

Introduction This article explores the implementation of One Time Passwords (O.T.P.) when users log into a web app. A randomly...

Google Map API Setup & Geo-Coding with R

A step by step process from Google Map API creation, integration with R and visualization of spatial statistical data
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Two factor authentication is an additional layer of security used to ensure only authenticated users gain access to an online account. because Passwords are historically weak, and can be easily stolen, it can't alone be the way that users access their accounts.

How to connect to ElephantSQL, a free hosted PostgreSQL database service

Introduction When building a dynamic web application, one needs a...

Consuming REST API with Kotlin.

Being an android developer, at some point, you will...