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How To Use Gmail as an Email Client for your Django Web App

Introduction The project looks into how you can use Gmail as an Email Client for your website, this can be...
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How To Build A Subscription App Using Django, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Stripe API.

What we are building We are going to build a subscription-based app where users have to create an account, pay...

One Time Password (O.T.P.) Implementation Using Africa’s Talking Short Code API in Django

Introduction This article explores the implementation of One Time Passwords (O.T.P.) when users log into a web app. A randomly...
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Dockerizing Spring Boot applications

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Date & Time Analysis With R

One will learn how to analyse dates and time; reproducing date-related columns from a date and also format dates and time. In application, one will learn how to plot simple and multiple time series data using the R language.

How to connect to ElephantSQL, a free hosted PostgreSQL database service

Introduction When building a dynamic web application, one needs a...